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  • Q. What size cake do I need?
    A. A mini cake serves 4-6 dessert slices, Medium serves 8-10, large serves 12-16.
  • Q. Which cakes are Gluten Free?
    A. Zweefers have 3 gluten free cakes, Triple Chocolate Truffle, Flourless Chocolate and Pear & Ricotta.
  • Q. Can I have something written on my cake?
    A. Yes we can write a message on each cake, it is a complimentary service.
  • Q. How far in advance do I need to order my cake?
    A. Orders can be placed for standard sized cakes online with 2 days notice or alternatively call our store and speak to our friendly staff.
  • Q. Can I bring in a picture of the cake I have in mind?
    A. Yes, certainly, we can show your pictures to our decorators and come up with the perfect cake for you.
  • Q. Does Zweefers bake any nut free cakes?
    A.Yes we do, although we do use nuts on the premises, so while we cannot guarantee any cross over to other products all care is taken.